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my name is Kinga
I catch the moment
popatrz jak patrzę
master degree
at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow /graphics department/

2019 Distinction in photo competition "Portrait" organized by To Dobry Kurs

2015 Distinction in national photo competition "Life is Beautiful", organized by the Cultural Centre of Kielce

2013 Third place in the photographic competition organized by INKOM SA New Harbor - in the "My Place"

2012 Award in photography in the competition "Sport in Art" organized by the Polish Olympic Committee and the Association of Polish Olympians

2012 Second place and honorable mention in the photo contest "Photography from the run", organized by the Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow

2012 Winner of first place in the photographic competition "Dialogue" organized by the University of Krakow to celebrate the Days of John Paul II